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Spanish---- Learn to communicate in 24 hours 2007/10/25

Spain heliig 24 hon tsagt suray gevel.. .

The main premise of Countdown to Spanish is that you can learn this extremely useful and beautiful language quickly and effectively. If you are willing to spend just 24 hours of your time studying the grammar, vocabulary, and phrases presented in the lessons, you will find that you will be able to understand and communicate in Spanish in various types of everyday situations. You can immediately feel confident that you will meet this challenge and accomplish your goals effortlessly and rapidly.

To make the task of learning Spanish as time-efficient as possible, Countdown to Spanish is divided into 24 one-hour lessons. Each lesson is then subdivided into very logical and manageable parts, which will enable you to learn the material with ease and self-assurance. Just divide the lesson so that you allow an equal number of minutes for each major heading. Do not worry about memorizing all the words in every table. That would prove to be an impossible and frustrating task. Instead, use the lists for reference, along with the key phrases you memorize. Those words that are high-frequency in your vocabulary will quickly become a part of your own personal word list.

Countdown to Spanish is completely different from other language books. It is not a grammar text for students, yet it contains an in-depth study of all the major grammar inherent to Spanish. It is not a phrase book for travelers, yet it contains all the in-depth vocabulary you might want or need in every conceivable situation. It is, therefore, a unique
combination of the two that gives you the essentials for an immediate jump start in speaking and understanding Spanish.

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My brother and his family are moving to Russia so I have decided to learn Russian, the problem is I have no idea where to start! Russian is not as widely spoke as languages such as French and German so I am having trouble locating a tutor. So I have decided that I am going to do it myself online. Does anyone have any experience of learning language online? Is it easy when there’s no one to speak to? Also what are the prices like?