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Instant Immersion English(Audio lesson) 2007/10/29

260 Mb | MP3 | Audio Lesson | 192/kbps

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the value of Instant Immersion™, the most effective program available for learning to speak a foreign language quickly.

Instant Immersion English Grammar and Pronunciation
CD 1: Alphabet; Sounds
CD 2: Greetings; Introductions; Subject pronouns
CD 3: Gender agreement; Physical descriptions & corresponding verbs
CD 4: Weather; Numbers; Irregular verbs; Finding & following directions
CD 5: Days of the week; Date; Useful shopping terms
CD 6: Restaurants; Food & corresponding verbs
CD 7: Cultural notes on ethnic food & customs; Finding accomodations
CD 8: Time/hours; Corresponding verbs; Use of object pronouns

Instant Immersion English: as a second Language (ESL) Deluxe edition

CD 1: Meeting new people
CD 2: Visiting the supermarket
CD 3: Asking for bus information
CD 4: Finding a job
CD 5: Visiting the doctor
CD 6: Renting an apartment
CD 7: Communicating at work
CD 8: Buying a car

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Foreign language said...

Download part1
Download part2
Download part3

Tugul said...

Danke, English,Chinese and Japanese are the languages which i want to learn most.