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Italian Complete: The Complete Language Course 2010/09/10

Italian Complete: The Complete Language Course : 3 Level Set : With Carrying Case (Learn in Your Car) (Italian Edition) by Henry N. Raymond
Publisher: Penton Overseas (April 2005) | ISBN: 1560151404 ; 1560151722
Language: Italian~ English | Audio CD in MP3 / 192Kbps - 44 kHZ - stereo | Levels 1-3 | 779 MB

Look ma, no textbooks! The Learn in Your Car series treats you like a child--in the best possible way--starting with one-word phrases ("please," "good-by"), counting exercises, and simple nouns ("bus," "train") designed to imitate a child's learning process. First you hear the words in English, then they are repeated slowly in clear, unaccented pronunciations. The method is extremely effective for those who don't know a thing, or for those who want to brush up by testing themselves when the English words are spoken. The tapes emphasize the building blocks of communicating in a foreign country rather than rote phrases that only apply on the tape and not in real-life exchanges.

Level 1: Introduction to key words, numbers, phrases, sentence structure, and basic grammar.
Level 2: More challenging vocabulary, more grammar, more complex sentences generate confidence in your ability to comprehend and converse.
Level 3: Expanded vocabulary, advanced grammar and complex sentences to expand your conversational skills.

In this torrent you get ALL 104 lessons. Download links from comment segment.