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Financial English with Mini-dictionary of Finance 2008/07/15

Language Teaching Publications/ Size- 11,3 Mb/ format- Pdf

This text is designed for anyone working or planning to work in the field of finance who wants to be able to discuss financial matters, read the financial press, or consult financial documents with greater ease and confidence. It is suitable for a wide range of students, from post-intermediate to advanced level. The book is divided into five areas (accounting, money and banking, selling, company finance and world economics) with a total of 86 units across these areas. It consists of mostly one-page lessons and includes a 32-page mini-dictionary of financial terms.
A well thought out book that is an invaluable teaching guide for learning and using English financial language. Clear headings aid the teacher and student alike to find relevant exercises.With varying degrees of difficulty from pre-inermediate to practically native speaker level, superb context make this book a must for every language teacher/trainer.

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