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Proficiency Masterclass Student’s Book (New Edition) 2007/09/13

Kathy Gude - Michael Duckworth, "Proficiency Masterclass Student’s Book (New Edition)"
Publisher: Oxford University Press | Pages: 183 | 2002 | ISBN: 0194329127 | PDF | 12.3 MB

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Advanced (CPE)
A revised and updated edition of this highly successful course for the revised Cambridge Proficiency exam. Using authentic sources throughout for receptive skills work, the course gives examples of all the CPE exam tasks, together with hints and training.

Key features
* New - over 50% new material and artwork.
* Exam practice - realistic exam-style tasks are featured throughout.
* Exam training - regular tips and hints.
* Balance - equal prominence is given to Papers 1-5. A new speaking section provides structured preparation for Paper 5.
* Authentic - texts are based on authentic sources.
* Language development - detailed grammar and vocabulary input and practice appropriate to this level.