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Book: Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking 2007/06/18

Зохиогч: Margherita Pagani
Нийтлэгч: Idea Group Publishing
Он сар: 2005
Хуудас: 1218
Формат: PDF
Хэмжээ: 13.1m

The Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking provides in-depth coverage of the most important concepts, issues, trends and technologies in the multimedia discipline. This encyclopedia is a valuable collection of articles that presents perspectives from over 220 researchers from 32 countries, providing a thorough explanation of emerging multimedia technologies and applications. This contemporary encyclopedia offers, in detail, an understanding of many topics related to multimedia evolution, design, communications, e-commerce, education, security, and virtual communities. In addition, it offers over 1,350 terms and definitions and more than 3,200 references, and is a valuable reference source for all libraries.

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