Миний блогт бензин шахахыг хүсвэл доорх сурталчилгааны линкээр зочлоод гараарай ;)

The Genius of China 2011/02/16

Robert Temple, Joseph Needham, "The Genius of China: 3,000 Years of Science, Discovery, and Invention"
Inner Traditions | 2007 | ISBN: 1594772177 | 288 pages | PDF | 19,2 MB

Revised, full-color illustrated edition of the multi-award-winning, international bestseller that charts the unparalleled and astounding achievement of ancient China • Brings to life one hundred Chinese “firsts” in the fields of agriculture, astronomy, engineering, mathematics, medicine, music, technology, and warfare • Based on the definitive work of the world’s most famous Sinologist, Joseph Needham (1900-1995), author of Science and Civilisation in China • Organized by field, invention, and discovery for ease of referenceUndisputed masters of invention and discovery for 3,000 years, the ancient Chinese were the first to discover the solar wind and the circulation of the blood and even to isolate sex hormones. From the suspension bridge and the seismograph to deep drilling for natural gas, the iron plough, and the parachute, ancient China’s contributions in the fields of engineering, medicine, technology, mathematics, science, transportation, warfare, and music helped inspire the European agricultural and industrial revolutions.Since its original publication, The Genius of China has won five literary awards in America and been translated into 43 languages. Its Chinese edition, The Spirit of Chinese Invention, was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education for use in connection with the national secondary curriculum in China. Based on the immense, authoritative scholarship of the late Joseph Needham, the world’s foremost scholar of Chinese science, and including a foreword by him, this revised full-color illustrated edition brings to life the spirit and excitement of the unparalleled achievements of ancient China.

" . . . richly illustrative narrative utilizing facsimiles of historical script and beautifully done photography. . . . a rigorous, but pleasurable intellectual endeavor without the trappings of tedious academic script. Fully referenced and loaded with facts . . . " (
Robert Figler, Ph.D., Journal of Asian Martial Arts,
Vol. 17, No. 3 )

"These days, we Americans would do well to understand the Chinese as thoroughly as we can; this book is a good starting point in beginning to understand that before 'we discovered' the Orient, it was doing fine without us and our primitive technologies." (Curled Up with a Good Book, Dec 2007 )

" . . . a must-have for history buffs and anyone who is interested in the rich and diverse contributions of ancient China to the modern world." (Vision Magazine, Feb 2008 )

" . . . a top pick for any college-level collection strong in Chinese history and culture, offering a revised full-color edition that brings to life elements of ancient Chinese history." (The Midwest Book Review, Mar 2008 )

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Happy Valentine's Day 2011/02/15

Зурган дээр дарж томруулан харна.
Лам ахын нэрээр нэрийдсэн гэгээн, цагаан хайрын өдрөөр түрий барин шоколад сайн идээ биздээ? Шоколад бол бэлэгдэл гэж үздэг юм билээ. Шоконоос гадна заавал бэлэг өгдөг гэсэн. Тэгээд Монголын нөхцөлд, Монголд хүнд ямар бэлэг байхав гэж бодтол нас намбаараа өөр өөр байх шинжтэй. Баячууд хоорондоо машин, байр солилцдог. Ажилчин ангийнхан ноолуур, үнэртэн, бөгж гэх мэт.
10 жилийн сурагчид үерхэж байгаа хүүхэддээ юу өгөх вэ? дэвтэр бал үзэг харандаа юу болохгүй юм байхгүй. Харин оюутнууд? Оюутан дүүгийн маань найзууд хоорондоо: найз охиноороо бааранд орж пиаваар дайлуулсан гэж ярьсан.. Минийхээр бол оюутнуудад таараагүй "мяаа сонголт" байна. Тэрнийх нь оронд Юнителээс хос дугаар авч найзуудынхаа хажууд гангарч, хоорондоо үнэгүй ярьж байх нь хамаагүй дээр. Нэг минут үнэнийг хэлэхэд юу ч биш л дээ. Гэхдээ өдөр бүр бие биедээ өчүүхэн ч гэсэн цаг, сэтгэл гаргах боломж өгч байгаа нь дажгүй юм.
Найз охиндоо, найз залуудаа хос дугаараар бэлэг барья.

The Wall Street Journal Asia - 17.02.2011 2011/01/08

The Wall Street сэтгүүл- Ази - 17.02.2011 ний өдөр гарах дугаарыг урьдчихлан орууллаа. хэрэгтэй хүмүүс нь татаад аваарай.
Хэл: Англи
Формат: PDF
Хуудас: 28
Хэмжээ: 2.87 MB

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博雅汉语:高级飞翔篇1(附光盘) 2010/12/11

Boya Chinese: Advanced level 1 (with CDs)
Хэвлэл: Бээжингийн их сургууль
Хэвлэсэн он: 2006
ISB дугаар-10: 7301075324
Хэл: Хятад
Формат: PDF+MP3
Хэмжээ: 128 kbps | 256 хуудас | 434.31 Mb

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Italian Complete: The Complete Language Course 2010/09/10

Italian Complete: The Complete Language Course : 3 Level Set : With Carrying Case (Learn in Your Car) (Italian Edition) by Henry N. Raymond
Publisher: Penton Overseas (April 2005) | ISBN: 1560151404 ; 1560151722
Language: Italian~ English | Audio CD in MP3 / 192Kbps - 44 kHZ - stereo | Levels 1-3 | 779 MB

Look ma, no textbooks! The Learn in Your Car series treats you like a child--in the best possible way--starting with one-word phrases ("please," "good-by"), counting exercises, and simple nouns ("bus," "train") designed to imitate a child's learning process. First you hear the words in English, then they are repeated slowly in clear, unaccented pronunciations. The method is extremely effective for those who don't know a thing, or for those who want to brush up by testing themselves when the English words are spoken. The tapes emphasize the building blocks of communicating in a foreign country rather than rote phrases that only apply on the tape and not in real-life exchanges.

Level 1: Introduction to key words, numbers, phrases, sentence structure, and basic grammar.
Level 2: More challenging vocabulary, more grammar, more complex sentences generate confidence in your ability to comprehend and converse.
Level 3: Expanded vocabulary, advanced grammar and complex sentences to expand your conversational skills.

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